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The iReckoner Customer Kiosk provides an integrated e-business solution that enables an organisations to manage its business process effectively with the customer at different locations while providing centralized monitoring and control It implements the feature of supply chain integration of an organization in an incredibly effective manner. It manages efficient communication between customer and the organisation.The Kiosk have been designed keeping in view the degree of access that these customer need to be given. For example The customer of a company need information only regarding the order status, Account ledger etc. Organization will provide unique id and password with relevant access right. It also enables customer to raise the inquiries, view quotation placed by the company in response the inquiries and place order online directly to the Head office. Customer can view the dispatch status of the goods and invoice that is raised by the company online, and accordingly he can make payment. Customer can also view few reports which is relevant to them like his account ledger, order status etc.


To make the relevant information readily available to the customers

No delays or dependencies in order booking process

Extensive Reporting to enable customers to view the items, stock and price

Access rights based security


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