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Human resource is one of the largest assets and typically represents major expense for any organisation. Consequently Human Resource Management is especially vital for maintaining a competitive edge. iReckoner Human Resource system meets your needs for a Human Resource Management that ensures effective and efficient operations in a high flux scenario complicated further by dynamic nature of the modern day enterprise. iReckoner Human Resource integrates an enterprise with its employees by providing a single window for interaction between HR, Line Manager and an Employee. The system enables to automate the entire employee lifecycle from his/her entry to exit from the organization. The system architecture consists of three portals (employee, line manager, HR personnel) that allow for tailored module offerings to clients with varying requirements. The highly configurable employee self-service portal serves as the central hub for all relevant HR data and activity while also streamlining interactions between employees, managers, and HR team. Powered by best practices across industries, ReckonerHR can easiily cater from a start-up to an enterprise level organization - simple to most complex HR Business Processes and Rules.

Key offerings

It can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or offered as a managed service.

Organizations may deploy it process by process or draw from the benefits of its integrated flow and subscribe to it fully.

It is also capable of seamless integration, not only with other legacy applications, but also with 3rd party social media platforms.

Software enabled HR services thus gives more controlled environment while saving huge effort by in-built best HR practices.

iReckoner Packages

1-50 Rs.4399 Rs.5499 Rs.6599 Rs.7699
51-100 Rs.7999 Rs.9999 Rs.11999 Rs.13999
101-250 Rs.15999 Rs.19999 Rs.23999 Rs.27999
250-500 Rs.23999 Rs.29999 Rs.35999 Rs.41999
500-750 Rs.35999 Rs.44999 Rs.53999 Rs.62999
750-1000 Rs.47999 Rs.59999 Rs.71999 Rs.83999