iReckoner Partner Program

iReckoner Partners program actively help partner to work closely with several initiatives and engagements.

Ascomp believes in “Win-Win” long-term relationships.

We engage partners under our Partners Program to help us increase customer satisfaction and market reach.

The affordability and ease of implementation with assured long-term support makes iReckoner ERP software a good choice for its Partners.

Through skill development, Ascomp is really committed to create more employment and freelancing opportunities for professionals.

Partners will represent Ascomp in the entire rainbow of different verticals from companies, other institutions virtually anywhere where there is a requirement of ERP Solutions and customized software development.

Who should partner with us

Already selling business solutions ?

Looking for a new software solution provider?

Providing current software that no longer meets the needs of your customers?

Looking for a new business opportunity?

Thinking of expanding your product portfolio to include ERP software?

Why iReckoner for Business partner?

iReckoner is a SAAS business solution for small and medium enterprises. It has no infrastructure requirements. We want to work with partners who have a good understanding of customer requirements, who provide business solutions. In return, we offer a collaborative partner program that provides access to a wealth of technical, sales and marketing resources.

Partner Program

This Partner Program offers you the ERP software solutions, training, tools and support to set you and your customers apart from the competition. This partner program gives you a high potential low risk education technology product and helped partners achieve better ROI and success.

Become a partner